Couple in Kitchen Eating Donut and Coffee or Healthy Fruit.

“But it’s gluten free!”

I would be a very rich woman if I had a dollar for each time I heard that phrase. It seems that every other person I talk to has decided…


Tips for Dealing with Mumnesia

Have you become increasingly forgetful since becoming a mother? Don’t be alarmed, you’re in good company. Mumnesia, a.k.a. mommy brain, is a genuine medical condition that affects many new mums….

soother.jpg 2015

Goodbye, Pacifier

Ahhh, goodbye to my dearest and bestest friend the soother, pacifier, num num. Yes, this little helpful tool has been given numerous names over time. Let’s face it mamas, at…


Depression and Stay-at-Home Moms

Experiencing some depression is common as a stay at home mom. Whether because you are transitioning from work, single life, life without children, etc., being a stay at home mom…


Kokoala Review by Madeleine Alaouze

When I heard about the Kokoala coat extension I was beyond thrilled to learn I would be receiving one. Being a mom of two little ones I constantly babywear my…


Kokoala Review by Noha-Christine Guorgui

If you need to sneak outside with your baby and the cold winter weather is getting in the way, forget the stroller, foot muff & weather shield; simply slip on…


Kokoala – Product Reviews    


Sleepy Owl Review by Karen Johnson

The gift box is perfect! A wonderful presentation. BOO BOO STICK I ended up trying the Boo Boo Stick on my 4 year old. The source of the boo boo…


Sleepy Owl Review by Sharlene Henry

When a delivery van pulled up and dropped off a lovely gift bag full of goodies for my first product review for Nanny Robina, I didn’t know what to expect….


Sleepy Owl Review by Noha-Christine Guorgui

Just like many other moms, I am always skeptical of the effect of chemicals in baby products, especially the long term effects that may not yet have been studied. I…