Is Working From Home Right For You?

 Is Working From Home Right For You? More and more people are choosing to forego their 9-5 and to balance their work/family life by working from home. Though there are some awesome perks that come with working from home (what's better than being in your pyjamas all day?), it can also be quite challenging - I [...]

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Rocky Crest Golf Resort – Something for Everyone

Rocky Crest Golf Resort, one of Ontario’s premier lakefront resorts, is located on the shores of magnificent Lake Joseph in beautiful Muskoka; Ontario’s favourite cottage country playground. Rocky Crest Golf Resort is ideal for family vacations, romantic couple’s escapes, golf weekends, spa getaways, destination weddings, and resort conferences. Mother Nature At Its Best [...]

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Busy Moms Quick & Healthy Snack Tips – Part 2

From the moment you wake up, you put others ahead of yourself. You make sure people are fed, dressed, and prepared for the day. You have little hands latching onto you, co-workers asking things of you, and a hungry husband. Who are you? You, are a mom. Life is extremely busy, and fuelling your body [...]

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Nanny Vs. Daycare

Trying to decide if your family would benefit more from a nanny or a daycare? Here is the cost and benefit breakdown.               NANNY COST: NANNY BREAKDOWN Live-in Nanny is approximately $1800 per month which would include board which is considered $160 per week. This plan is set out [...]

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Fun Lunch Ideas for Fussy Toddlers

Whether you are sending them off to preschool with a packed lunch or just trying to find something they will eat at home, planning a delicious and nutritious lunch for your picky toddler can be a chore. Check out the list below for some fun lunch ideas that even the fussiest eaters are sure to gobble up! [...]

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Eating Healthy for Busy Families

I am a working mom of two awesome kids.  One is six and one is four.  Sometimes I wonder if being a mom gets easier as they grow, or if the difficulties are just shifting.  One thing I know for sure; when I am at home with them all day, life is harder. Stay at [...]

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Holiday Alternatives to Gifts

Think outside the box and let others know early how you would appreciate other things over toys! Such as the following: RESP - perhaps they could start one, or make a contribution. Savings account - They could add funds for both birthdays and holidays. Sponsor a child-Teach the meaning of giving back, adopt and sponsor [...]

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Introducing Toddler to New Baby

The joys of a a new baby can come with mixed feelings when it’s your second baby. All kinds of thoughts can creep in your head such as "how will I balance my toddler and baby when it comes to giving attention and love?" You may even feel tearful over the thought of not being [...]

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Is Crawling Really Necessary?

There are many people who debate whether a baby should really crawl, but many parents know that this activity is one of the major milestones infants should (BE ENCOURAGED) to master. It's a key period when your baby becomes stronger, learns their surroundings, improves physical abilities, and ultimately gains valuable skills along with neck strength. When Should [...]

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Rocky Crest Golf Resort

This past August my family arrived from the UK for a visit and to explore Canada for the first time. We decided to book two days at Rocky Crest Resort in Muskoka having had friends recommend it. Knowing it was a family resort I wasn’t sure how it would suit the needs of 5 adults. [...]

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