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Nanny Robina is Canada’s leading parenting expert, and her success rate and experience is a testament to that. Her genuine love of children combined with her international travel has shaped her solutions-based expertise, which includes the development of strategies to assist parents with discipline, manners, play time, meal time, and sleep time. Nanny Robina’s mission is to help parents raise happy, healthy, and confident children, and that’s what attracts parents to her workshops, one-on-one consultations, speaking engagements, and blogging.

In addition to Nanny Robina’s wealth of experience caring for children, she is equipped with several professional certificates: NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board) from Garretts Green Technical College; MNT (Maternity and Nanny Training) for infant care from South Birmingham College Hall Green; and Business for Women Entrepreneurs from the Aurora Women’s Centre.

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