The Pashmama is a breast feeding cover that looks like a beautiful scarf. The super soft and glamorous Pashmama can be worn long after baby stops feeding as a luxe scarf, and while baby is feeding it provides a little privacy for mom to nurse. The Pashmama is the perfect gift for a new mom.  Each one includes a trendy bracelet which doubles to help mom remember side where baby last fed. There is a Pashmama to suit every outfit!


Pashmama Review by Sitara Hewitt

I'm loving the softness and natural color of the shawl. I breastfed my son for 2 years and wish I had had one of these then! As it is now I'm using it as a shawl 'post breastfeeding' and it's light weight but warm enough to protect against the wind ...
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Karen Johnson

Pashmama Review by Karen Johnson

I was happily surprised with the Pashmama Scarf.   I loved the neutral grey colour it came in but aside from that the texture of the fabric was so soft.  It didn’t even feel as if I was wearing anything.   What a great idea as far as going fashion ...
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Pashmama Review by Sameera Rustam

I have always dreaded nursing in public because of the lack of privacy, however when baby is hungry there is often no choice but to nurse wherever you are! I recently used the Pashmama for the first time while travelling. I have never felt so comfortable nursing on the go! ...
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Pashmama Review by Sharlene Henry

When it comes to feeding babies – I’m all for personal choice. After five kids, I’ve run the feeding gamut – breast-fed, bottle-fed, jarred-food, homemade, organic, non-organic – you name it, my kids have done it all, sometimes all at once! I’ve always felt it’s natural to breastfeed my babies ...
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Pashmama Review by Madeleine Alaouze

I don’t know about you but when it comes to nursing my little one she can be very impatient waiting for me to get situated especially when out in public. Searching through my bag to find my wrinkled cover at the bottom and trying to get it on with one ...
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