FLAVOURS: orange, grape, raspberry – bubble gum
SHAPES: hockey player, hockey goalie, hockey skate
Introducing “1st Star Vitamins”, the only children’s vitamin licensed by the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA). These vitamins are produced in Canada and are compliant with Health Canada guidelines.
The favorable vitamins big kids love!



Karen Johnson

1st Star Vitamins Review by Karen Johnson

Well it finally happened! I no longer have to grind up vitamins and trick my boys.  They are leaping off the table literally like goal tenders for their new 1st star vitamins.  There is usually a fight over the Goalie.  The vitamins are inviting to any child.  The flavours pink, ...
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1st Star Vitamins Review by Tony Mawby

As a father of four children, Max 4, Lucy 10, Ben, 13, and Jaydean, 15, it is not  easy to keep on top of a nutritional diet for the kids, getting kids to eat healthy has always been a struggle for my wife and I once our kids turned about ...
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1st Star Vitamins Review by Madeleine Alaouze

When I received the First Star Vitamins the first thing I did was read the label. I was surprised to see the recommended age started at 2 years old. The vitamins are hard and chewable and I know a lot of 2 year olds that likely would not be able ...
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1st Star Vitamins Review by Sharlene Henry

Remember back in the day when you played that game where you flick the hockey card against a wall with your friends and then you got to keep them if yours went farthest? I do – those were the humble beginnings of my hockey card collection. I also remember the ...
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