Lillian Benrubi graduated from York University with a BA in Psychology and then went on to her Masters In Social Work at U of T for two years, graduating with MSW in 1992.  She is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and is an Associate to Psychologist Dr. Dan Dalton.  She has provided counselling/psychotherapy formally since 1989, helping others deal with very painful, stressful and confusing situations such as loss/grief, trauma, divorce/separation, sexuality, addictions, developmental/learning disabilities, etc.  She also provides life coaching where applicable.

Lillian has been driven toward her goal to be a therapist since she was 13 years old, having been touched and inspired by mentors around her, as well as her healing impact on others.  With the added benefit of life challenges along the way, Lillian has the added personal experience of overcoming these challenges, and skilfully seeing the opportunities available to herself and everyone.  Lillian practices psychotherapy as both a personal and professional expression.



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