The best time to offer solids is when your baby wakes in the morning; this will give you the rest of the day to see if there is any discomfort or allergy to the food he has eaten. It would not be wise to give any baby a new food then put him to bed for the night. I suggest wake up feed milk – 15 min later or even after a morning nap, a solid food you are introducing. If your baby appears not to like it keep at it.

Remember any new taste takes a little while to adjust to. Stick at it and he will come around, never switch it up all new foods should be introduced with nothing else for a minimum of three days, and only then can you introduce another food.

It may take many tastes for your baby to come around to the taste, don’t assume because it is refused, it’s not what your baby likes! It’s could be just the baby’s palette needing more time to get used to that particular taste.

If you start with sweet potatoes, then peas, then carrots well bring in the green beans will seem quite the different taste, as the past four foods introduced were on the sweeter side!