As soon as you bring your baby home, establish a simple routine, like bathing at the same time each day, reading the same book or humming the same lullaby. Being able to count on the same things, day in day out is comforting to a new baby. At around three months keep the routine and start to introduce a schedule. Babies on a schedule settle far more easy that those that do not have one.

Once your baby turns three months you may notice a change in their sleep pattern as they will often need less sleep.

Your baby will now be ready for a new sleep schedule as they begin to come out and transition from all that sleep that was needed for the first three months of their fastest growing time. Yes things are about to change!

Learn to listen and cue in to what your baby is telling you. They will tell you what they want and you will learn fast if you just take the time to watch and listen to the many different cries and actions your baby shows you. Bond with your baby with lots of eye contact, get close to your baby’s face and make lots of eye to eye contact.

Skin to skin touch and a gentle massage is also another way to get some bonding time in and of course that special time in the arms when feeding is always a good time to chat and tell stories. If your baby cries a lot try different methods of rocking, holding baby upright close to your chest and doing squats it a very good way of soothing your babies cries.