Sleep!!!! Oh let there be sleep!

Sleep has to be the number one problem with babies worldwide.

 We do in fact appear to have an epidemic of non sleeping babies.

 You would not be alone in thinking “What did I do wrong?…what did I do to deserve this?…. Or even thinking, “Does my baby have a sleep problem?”

However,the biggest misconception, is to think that if you starve your baby of sleep all day, your baby will sleep all night! 

 I apologize in advance for being the bearer of bad news, as this could not be further from the truth!

In fact, you are more likely to be in need of incorporating MORE daytime sleep to have your baby to sleep through the night.

A baby that does not sleep well at night will make for a strain on any marriage. Parents often become very grumpy due to lack of sleep, and may even avoid sleeping in the same bed due to a constant waking baby.

As your baby turns three months, start scheduling your baby. It would be safe to say they would need a minimum of two naps a day.

The first one in the morning, this should be the shorter nap for about an hour, and the afternoon nap for at least 2.5 hours.  In time,baby will develop a great sleep pattern and start to sleep better and through the night.

Now go crack open a bottle of something nice, and share a special moment with your husband as your baby sleeps once again