workshop-in-homeAs many new mothers start their journey as a parent, it can be a little frightening, and some times terribly lonely. You are not alone!  These feelings are quite normal! How you can feel lonely with a baby that keeps you so busy? And brings you so much joy? Oh yes, loneliness can creep in and suddenly overwhelm you.
 First, you should understand that these feelings are normal ,and you need to remember that before becoming a mother, you were, and still are your own person.
 Parenting is the most difficult role any one can take on. It’s a role that demands much of your time, and the little time you have to yourself trying to catch up with your sleep!
Once you and your baby have met and established a routine, start taking time to build yourself a support group.aA circle of friends that you and your baby can grow with, and develop a bond.A bond of growing, laughing and crying together, a friendship. You need to go out and get yourself a social life, with and without baby.
Research a mother/ baby group in your area.. Stop other moms at the mall and get a recommendation from them.The park is always a good place to meet other mamas.As is an indoor playground, and the gym.Make that change today!
You will be happy and more content having another adult to chat to, someone who also understands the demands of being a new mama.And if you are happy,baby is happy:)