Sometime between 13 and 15 months your Toddler is likely to outgrow his morning nap.

Be sure to adjust the afternoon nap and your day when this happens.

 Step 1: Take away the morning nap

Now your toddler may not be able stay awake long enough to reach the usual afternoon nap time.

Step 2: Bring forward the afternoon nap – if you usually nap at –you may want to consider  You should also take into consideration what time your baby woke in the morning when making these adjustments.

A baby of 15 months that wakes at will become over tired if the second nap is not until If he becomes over tired he will be cranky and he will find it difficult to settle.Your toddler will most likely will be ready for a nap around

Adjust the afternoon nap to an earlier time, and now introduce a cat nap in the afternoon to help him get through the day.

 For example if your toddler naps from -1pm he will not make it until bedtime which should now be, he  will need a cat nap of 30 minutes to help get him through the night.

  Not enough daytime sleep can bring disrupted sleep through the night, and possibly create early morning waking.  Just as not taking away that morning nap can cause disrupted afternoon naps, which can then lead to all kinds of shenanigans at bedtime!


Sweet Dreams you all