toddler-napAs your baby grows and enters the toddler years, there will many changes and with those changes can come sleepless nights and a restless toddler that will not settle easily at bedtime. All kind’s of bedtime shenanigans start to happen.

Your toddler is learning so much at this time their brains are like sponges they are absorbing so much information and learning so many new things, this alone can bring on all kinds of disrupted sleep issues.

As they grow their sleep pattern will change and as they out grow theirs naps, bed time can becomes even more of a struggle.

Keep in mind if your toddler out grows his last daytime nap he may now struggle around as it’s a long day for him. You may find he is really cranky and nothing you do or say will make him happy, nothing your do is right! Does this Sound familiar?

Toddlers sleep has a lot to do with a toddler’s behavior.
Many toddlers misbehave because they have become over tired, they are struggling to get through the day and with that comes a “grumpy head.”

Consider an earlier bedtime, early waking and a constant battle at bedtime most certainly could be your toddler telling you he is in needs a much needed earlier bedtime!

Some toddlers do not require as much sleep as others due to their genetic make up. Some toddlers do not need 10 hours of straight sleep and it’s important to find techniques that allow for these differences but still ensure that you get the sleep you need along with your toddler!images