Norlander, child and jam tartsNote: this is a guide line based on a live -in nanny for the year 2012-

This plan is set out Bi-weekly

Based on 40 hrs a week $10.25 per hr Bi weekly payments..How ever many Nannies depending on experience and location have their own fee and it can be from $11-$18 per hour.Nannies working in the city of Toronto take home approx $600 per week based on a 45 hour a week.
40 hours = $820

Tax deducted federal $43.00
Provincial $20.00
CCP $34.00
EI $15.00
Board $170.00
Nanny net take home pay $524.14

Employer contributions EI $21.00
Match CCP $34.00

Every 1/4 WSIB $150 (optional I think)
All in all expect to pay out about $1,600 per month

Step 1) Register for a business number, CRA will provide you with a payroll number and send you an information pack.

Step 2) Send for an application… hiring a live-in Nanny.
Human resource

Step 3) Pass the form that you will receive from Human resource, to the nanny you wish to hire. Now she will then take it to re-new/apply her work permit into your address- she may also need your help to do this.

Allow lots of time for the process there is a lot of red tape and it takes about 2-3 month to process for a nanny is here in Canada, if your nanny is overseas much longer.

Relevant phone numbers needed:
CRA: 1-800-959-5525
Human Resource: 1-800-242-2100
WSIB: 416-334-1013