maxwell birthday

A relationship between your Nanny and your family should be a close and family like relationship, like that of an extended family after all, she is your children’s guardian when you’re not around, rather like a second mother weather you like that term or not it pretty much sums up her role.

Your Children will turn to your nanny at times and you will wish they turned to you.
This is normal, as many children will turn to the person they spend most time with, many children turn to their mothers over their fathers if their mama is the stay at home mom, and daddy is at work.

To get a good working relationship with your nanny takes work and some thinking ahead of time. If you feel you need to reprimand your nanny for example, choose your time and how you do it with care after all this is like no other job where she can leave and vent! She lives in her place of work and confrontation could make you all feel very uncomfortable.

Example: Your nanny was asked to keep the children home all day as the weather outside is too hot. You heard she took them to the park for 30 mines.

1) Choose your time to discuss this when the children are out of ear shot.

2) Ask in a gentle manner and allow he to explain. You could say “I hear from Max you guys went to the park today”
If she does not acknowledge you telling her not to go.., she may not have understood you.
If it seems apparent she did, you will need to step up and speak else it will drive you crazy for not doing so.

3) I asked you not to go to the park today as here in Canada when the sun is at the high 30s it is considered a danger, the children could burn. If you’re unsure next time perhaps you could call me at work to be sure.

Keep in mind, that you should not ask your nanny to do anything you wouldn’t want to do yourself. Sitting playing with a three year old for one hour straight is exhausting and tedious as mush as we love it just like you we would find it hard to do all day.
It is both draining and aggravating she is a nanny! Not your child’s play mate.

You may come home and find the kids watching TV and your nanny sitting down.
(Keep in mind you may have walked through the door just as she sat down for the first time that day don’t jump to conclusions)

Nannies from over-seas were rot raised like a Canadian. They come from another country and you have no idea how she was raised. She may have raise your children how she was raised so you may like to out line how you wish your children to be raised, what your family values are and how you see your nanny’s role in your children’s life.

The photos you see here are of both of former bosses. A  birthday night out with her friends.. and another remembering my birthday in the best possible way..with a chocolate cake!