Newmarket/Aurora $35-45 per day
Bradford $35 per day
Durham Region (Brooklin) $30-$50 day
Oshawa from $25 day
Orangeville $35 per day
Oakville $35 up per day

1) So the rule of the thumb if your kids are off sick, you keep them home but still pay fees to daycare.

2) If your daycare provider is sick keep kid’s stay home no fee paid.

3) Try to negotiate holidays for the same time, or you may be asked to pay for those too.

All stat holidays are paid for by you.

Month approx $900
Year $12.000 x 12 months approx

Call on your daycare do an unscheduled visit at least three times- at three different times of day, for example.

1) Call 2 hours after drop off
2) Lunch time
3) Late in afternoon, around 3.15pm, over the course of maybe two-three weeks.

Allow at least 5-7 days of short visits with your child for the transition.

Then leave for 3-4 hours and pick up.

Next ½ day 2-3 times and then leave full time.

ALWAYS make your good buy FAST and exit.

Pass your child into the arms of your caregiver and leave, she will know how to handle the screams but will not be able to if you’re lingering around.
It will take approx 4-5 weeks for the transition, so do expect some shenanigans!

Always voice your concerns with the daycare, and if their sleep schedule does not suit you (they often sleep the kids too much and too late) then see if you can get it changed.