To help your baby adjust to change when returning back to work follow these simple tips to make the transition a little easier and less painful for all.

If you are planning to go to work between 9 and 12 months then it is important that your baby is left with other people for short spells around the age of 6 months….
Try to leave your baby with a friend; this will help her get used to other people and deal with the separation.

Leave your baby for 15 minutes on the first visit and on the second visit about 25 minutes and so forth
A lot of babies find large crowds over whelming and some what frightening

You should make every effort to introduce your baby into larger crowds it will help with the transition of daycare.

It is also important that she get used to new people and noisy crowds. Try to get some play dates booked and drop into some child care centers.
Help to get your baby socialized as much as you can…

Leave your baby with the daycare of your choice for short spells at a time before your return to work….
It will take your baby around two to three weeks to settle, if it takes much longer you may have to re-evaluate the situation.