ham and cheese

A packed lunch does not have to stress you out, keep the food simple small and fun!

 Here are some ideas for you to try over the holidays and by the time September comes around, you will know  what works and what does not work for your little ones!




Add a little honey to a ham and cheese sandwich, that little sweetness may make the sandwich all the more yummy.

A dinner roll sliced in half, add cheese, turkey bacon (make the night before wrap in foil and keep in fridge) then bake in oven for 10 min in the morning just before leaving for school. Keep it wrapped in foil and add to lunch box. I am sure that melted cheese will go down well, and the foil will keep it just warm enough.

Bacon, always makes a sandwich so much yummier, add some chopped up pieces to Tuna,chicken,cheese, veggies.

 Raisin bread cut into finger slices.. now serve the filling on the side. Deli meat

Cold grilled cheese, or other sandwiches such as tuna melt can be also be eaten cold lets face it by the time they eat it,it is often cold  anyhow.

Cut sandwiches into small shapes, try different breads… roll up the bread like spinning wheels and slice into bite size wheels, cut into long slim finger size, consider using  a small dinner roll over two slices of bread.  Two slice of bread  is often too much bread  for a toddler to eat.

½ bagel, cream cheese, butter & Jam-deli meat-tomato sauce, cheese & melt, just like pizza.

Rolled up tortilla filled with cream cheese and a whole banana and slice into wheels.. or add nut free  chocolate spread in place of cream cheese.

Alternative to sandwiches

 Salads and cold cuts are an alternative to a packed sandwich day after day, cold pasta and  chopped up chicken. Meat balls and pasta could be kept warm in a thermos.

Use large lettuce leaves in place of bread… roll up some ham, tuna, cheese.

Turkey sticks, pita bread triangles and a dip. Many of the salad dressing can serve as a great dip.

Baked mini new potatoes, don’t peel the potatoes, just it in a  little bacon, secure with cocktail stick and bake on 400 for 40 min take out stick and pack… nice hot or cold. Can be done night before.

 Spread a slice of ham with dip… roll up a thin slice of red pepper and serve.


Non dairy ideas.

Fruit apples, oranges, bananas and grapes.
Smoothies made with greens, fruits, and non dairy milk soy milk?
Dried fruit like cranberries, raisins, and figs.
Toast dairy free bread, with coconut butter and jam. Homemade muffins are awesome because you can add all kinds of nuts, fruit and grains and you can usually cut the sugar in half. Try am making zucchini muffins and loafs ahead of time and freeze!




Grapes”should always be cut up.


Rice crackers, spread with some yummy , maple spread, cream cheese and jam is great!

Make your own pita chips… Just cut and toast serve with ranch, humus, any dip.

Mix your own snack, Cheerios, Shreddie’s, and some chopped dried fruit such as cranberries & raisins.

Add some mini marshmallows, or choc chips ( just a few : ) pack into snack bags, and have a ready then ready to go.

Veggie sticks, celery, cucumber, red pepper, and a  lovable dip.

Take a cucumber, use an apples core to take out the middles… now mix cream cheese and ham and stuff the middle of the cucumber. slice and pack in a lunch box.