mom and toddler

The toddler years are full of fun, but can also be very challenging,as many of you probably know.
I see many parents who expect their toddlers to act like a grown up.
 Toddlers have very little sense, they live for the here and now. At three years they have a miniscule amount of sense, before that it is in very short or zero supply!
However, even as your toddlers creep into the big boy/girl shoes there are still a lot of challenges that lay ahead.
You may find your toddler has learned to come the “sassy mouth” with you.
Or maybe they will challenge your every word.
Nip it in the bud
 While parenting to your best ability, you can be forgiven if you forget that the first most important task would be to talk about what is acceptable and what is not. We are all guilty of thinking our Toddlers know right from wrong or what is expected of them.
1)    Make sure your Toddler knows what is and what is not acceptable to say.
2)    Set limits, and stick to them.
3)    Keep calm, don’t over react to your toddler’s mouthing off.
4)    Reply in a way that you would like your toddler to speak to you.
Say something like ”I think you could ask for that in a much nicer way”, and allow him to do so.
5)     If he chooses not to, walk away and don’t address what he is asking for.
Ignore the UN-important
I meet many parents that tend to pick up on everything, and get into a tizzy over all sort’s of irrelevant stuff. When this happens you can end up with far more problems on your plate then you bargained for.
It just becomes a constant battle, and no longer a loving house hold with laughter, but a household of screaming kids and parents!
Concentrate on what is most important, and let the rest slide.Yes ignore it!!!
There are many battles that lay ahead and you need to choose the ones that are important to you.
Don’t forget, once you decide which you will ignore, you must then learn not to rise to the battle, but stay calm and walk away….
 When you hear your child say ‘I love you mama” you will reply “I love you too”.
Now when you hear your child says” I hate you” all hell breaks out!
This behavior would be best ignored. Stay calm and walk away don’t rise to the debate.