Many babies at an early age are capable of following a schedule. Routines and scheduling is a vital part of your baby’s day and will help your baby to establish a better sleep pattern.

Sleeping through the night with out sleep training is possible if your able to avoid any sleep associated habits forming, such as your baby continuously sleeping while breast feeding, falling asleep in the chair or car seat.

If you see this is continually happening, change it up before it becomes a habit you can’t break!

Change your baby’s diaper, move him around so he stirs and then place you baby in his crib awake

The placing of your baby in their crib so early is frowned upon by some experts, how ever having slept thousands of babies over the course of  my 33 years as a professional nanny and infant sleep nurse, I am a firm believer that placing your baby in their crib early, creates good sleeping habits at an early age.

If your baby starts to fuss, give him a minute or two to see if he is able to find his comfort spot or self soothe before you pick him up.

Many of my clients that  book an early consult to help  get their babies on a feeding and sleeping schedule  in the early days,  quite often have no need to do the cry it out at all..