mom and toddler

Connect before you direct

Before giving your child directions get down to your child’s eye level and make that eye-to-eye contact to get her attention.


 Teach her how to focus: “Sophie, I need your eyes and your ears”  Be sure when make your eye contact it is not sending the wrong message, that it is not challenging  that your child perceives it as controlling rather than connecting  else this will spell war!

 Start with a firm voice “Lauren, will you please…”

Keep it brief…

Use one-sentence. The longer you ramble, the more likely your child is to become parent-deaf, and your child does tune you out around the 5th word! Make it short and the action you’re requesting to be right at the start of your request. Too much chit –chat  is a very common mistake when speaking about an issue to a child.It gives your child the feeling that you’re not quite sure what it is you want to say.

 and keep it simple

Use short sentences. Listen to how kids talk with each other and take note. When your child shows that far away, disinterested look, you are no longer being understood.

This is not your child ignoring you, they are conditioned this way they are not able to absorb too much information at one time.

Remember they are still learning about respect, listening, and doing what is asked of them.It is your job to teach them.

After asking your child to do something, Ask your child to repeat the request back to you if he can’t, it’s too long or too complicated.

So start again and keep it simpler!