Every day I receive hundreds of questions from moms who are dealing with sleep issues with their children, or their babies. This is a topic that I take very seriously because if you have a child that does not sleep it is likely affecting the entire family. So for parents that are frustrated, and need to know more. This blog is for you.
Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, we hear celebrities say it all the time. Especially Oprah! It is even more challenging and made impossible when a family doesn’t sleep.


My mission is to give the gift of sleep to families through my information and support based sleep training program.
Throughout my career as both a nanny and sleep coach, I have helped thousands of children sleep soundly every night.
Sleep training will probably be the first of many difficult parenting challenges you will face. However, once you have a well-rested family that is able to sleep all the future parenting challenges will be easier to deal with.. A well slept baby is a more content baby.
Sleep training is one of the most highly debated parenting topics.
How ever, did you know that studies show sleep depravation leads to all sorts of problems such as….. Increased levels of childhood depression, anxiety, obesity, poor academic performance, and behavioral problems.Let alone tantrums and a grumpy child 24 hours a day!
Sleep deprivation is also related to depression, anxiety, obesity, forgetfulness, and slower reaction times when driving.
All healthy children/babies can be taught good sleep habits and can become great sleepers. If, and when, you are ready to embark on sleep training, know that the positive effects will last a lifetime. Yes It is a difficult journey to take but the end result is worth it …a well-rested family is a happy family and that is priceless!