Kids who talk fresh, are disrespectful, mouthy, and rude, are on the rise.
We live in a different world today to the one our parents raised us in.

We raise selfish children with-out realizing it.

Your intentions may have been good intentions in the beginning, buying your child all the gifts he asked for…but it is often right here that you stepped off the parenting platform.

Children do not need things, they need attention and with out it they undermine your authority, challenge almost everything you say, and then top it off by letting you know you’re clueless!

So where is this coming from? How did this happen?
Take a moment to think about the time it started, how did you react?
Is it possible you let it slide?

Children use tones, words, and roll their eyes, but where did they see that?
Children are not born sassy, they learn to be sassy.
Do you ever roll your eyes at your partner in front of your children, perhaps answer each back in a sarcastic manner?

It is  100% possible that your children got this attitude from  watching TV,  from reality TV shows, lyrics that play on the radio and the Movies they watch.
You hear a song and it may sound like a fun song to sing to on your way to school, but have you REALLY listened to the words?

Don’t think for a moment that it is a harmless song, or movie.You will only know that if you study the movie prior to your child watching it.
Your child is influenced by every day things he sees, and listens to.

Emergency attitude control (not for the faint heart or soft mama approach)

Be clear with your expectations, get ready to dish out consequences and enforce them!
Do not talk back to a sassy child who is speaking in a rude manner..

Calmly state “do not speak to me in that tone”  and leave the room, take control and take the power with you.

He needs to know his attitude will not be tolerated.

Create a consequence jar, add all the consequences to  the jar. write them out on a piece of paper fold and put in jar.

When needed, ask your sassy child to pick one, and now  that is the consequence for him.

Ideas for your consequence jar:

1) No allowance for a week
2) Clean up the mud room every night for a week
3) No TV for 4 days
4) No computer for 3 days
5) No cell phone use
6) Find something nice to do for others twice this week