We are all guilty of over indulging the kids at some time, with too many holiday  gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for no occasion!!  There are ways you can give gifts that won’t have your child thinking money grows on trees. But more to the point you need to stop giving from guilt and do some thinking.

First answer these questions:

  1. Do you go on a business trip and come back with a gift?
  2.  Does your child come to expect a gift when you come through the door from your trip?
  3.  Do you give gifts when you feel guilty for not spending time with your child?
  4.  Does your child now have the “ gimme gimme” word  their  everyday vocabulary?
  5. Has your child come to lack appreciation? Then read on and make some changes.Giving too many items/gifts of any sort to your child is never going teach your children the real value of money.
    In today’s world children need to be taught earlier about value, money, and appreciation.
    If you need to back track your child’s greed, here are some tips that may help.Plan A
    Introduce pocket money; the usual guide line is a dollar a year,
    3 year old would be too young to understand what pocket money is… but it is not too early to teach
    3 years old $3.00
    4 year old   $4.00
    5 years old, $5.00Plan BInsist your child put away a % of his pocket money in a jar, let’s call it the tax man jar!
    13% of $5.00 =65cents that goes in to a jar labeled tax money.
    Use this money for a worthy cause, donate it to a charity but only once the jar is full.

    Plan C

    Have your child save ½ of their pocket money in a jar, and only when it is full can they go spend it, however ¼ of the money must be spent on a charity. This teaches your child to save and not be so precarious about money, It also teaches about giving to the less fortunate.

    Insist that all family members stop buying un-necessary gifts.
    Encourage your child to make birthdays card, teach him how much a card created by him will be valued by daddy more than a store bought one.