sleeping baby

There are many facts and some small changes you should look at when you settle your baby for good sleep.
Your nursery If set up correct may make for better and more peaceful sleep , and if not set up correct, could also make for very poor sleep and constant waking’s.
I have conducted  thousands of sleep consults over the years, part of the service is to check over the nursery as more often than not I find room for change. It maybe too hot, too bright, sometimes too noisy.
Here are a few tips that can help for better sleep.

Darken the Room

Spring is in the air! and that also brings in early sunny mornings and with that  sometimes early risers!”

Make sure your baby’s room is very dark, blacked out windows are imperative for a baby to sleep a deep restful sleep.
The sun should not be allowed to creep through your windows, no light at all should be. A very dark room will help not only better daytime sleep, but can also can help prevent that early morning waking.

Room Temperature

Don’t forget to adjust the heat.
The harsh winter is over and the warmer weather is here, and with that your baby’s room may not be as cool as it was over the winter months.
Your baby will sleep better in a room that has a cooler temperature over a room that is too warm. 18 c is the recommended temperature, I suggest you do not go above  22c.
If you your baby wakes up with a stuffy dry nose, dry boogies, chances are the atmosphere is too dry and your baby’s room is too warm.
If you feel your baby may be too cool, use a sleep sac, put on a warmer sleep suit, don’t crank the hear up.
It makes the air dry, and can cause constant wake ups in the night.

Sound machine

Some experts advise you to allow your baby to get used to noise, I do not agree.
I believe for anyone trying to get a good nights sleep,silence is more calming and  can make for deeper sleep.

I advise clients to consider a sound machine to drown out surrounding noises, many of the homes that are built today are open concept. A sound  machine placed in the distance can help drown out a phone ringing, a toddler screaming, a passing truck. All of which can wake a sleeping baby.