Kids & Cardboard Box 9

Spring is a little unpredictable this year, and is making  for more days inside than we would like!
You need to think outside the box, the toy box, and keep your kids busy and entertained with simple things  that you can find around the home.

A little imagination from you, will  get your kids imagination back into gear.

Get creative, turn off the TV, and  turn on the music.
Kids of all ages just love to dance and you will get a 30 min workout in!

Go in search of a big box, you will find one in the basement.
Set it up and show your toddler how many things a box can become.
A boat, a crib for the baby doll, a table, a place to hide under!

Now get out your plastic ware and allow the kids to have a picnic on the floor.
Keep it simple a few sandwiches, crackers, cheese, fruit and  a spill proof cup!

Pull out the pots and pans, allow your toddler to do the cooking!
Give then a bowel of dry cereal to use, with a couple of wooden spoons,
watch them become a chef!

Grab a blanket and make a tent-use the sofa to throw it over.
Set up camp, allow the kids to use a flash light.
Blow up the paddle pool  fill with shredded paper and throw some toys in.
Now get the kids to try and fish them out.

Mix yogurt and koolaid together for home made edible paint.
Now hand paint on paper,  and in the bathtub you go!

Blow up a  couple of balloons, get your toddler to throw, or hit the balloon. across the room without allowing it to hit  the ground.