Christmas_2014_300DpiWater Repellant Cuddle Bag: 

The Cuddle Bag is great for any infant on-the-go who needs warm, soft, cushioned head and neck support. The Cuddle Bag fits in strollers and car seats and is designed to accommodate the car seat harness. It keeps your baby snug, warm and cozy, which eliminates the need for heavy clothing and snowsuits (which is dangerous in car seats).  Luxurious texture keeps baby snug, warm and cozy. The Cuddle Bag with Head Hugger has been tested to Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, and excelled in all tests (213.1), achieving the same level of safety as if there were nothing between the baby and the infant car seat. The exterior is fabric is water replant and designed to provide the utmost warmth. The top panel is fully detachable to accommodate the changing temperatures from outdoors to indoors.

The Sneak a Peek:

The deluxe Sneak A Peek keeps baby cozy and warm while in the infant car seat. Perfect for the winter, the Sneak A Peek is elasticized for quick & simple installation. Thick fleece lined water repellent fabric protects baby from the elements. Dual zippers allow easy access for baby to go in and out!

The Weather Shield Single:

Phthalate free, UV protective Weather shield protects baby from the elements: rain, snow and wind chill. Baby can see out at the world and you can see in at baby! Plenty of ventilation holes to provide fresh air flow.
We also want to keep Mom warm and toasty…

The Pashamama:

The Pashmama is a breast feeding cover that wears like a beautiful scarf. The super soft and glamorous Pashmama can be worn long after baby stops feeding as a luxe scarf, and while baby is feeding it provides privacy for mom to nurse. The Pashmama is the perfect gift for a new mom.  Each one includes a trendy bracelet which doubles to help mom remember side where baby last fed. There is a Pashmama to suit every outfit and can be worn ALL day. (I wear one all day at the baby shows. When I say I’m going to demonstrate how our breastfeeding cover works, all are truly surprised when I re-arrange my Pashmama.  Its honestly a fashion piece doing double duty)

The Stroller Cup:

Jolly Jumper’s Stroller Cup Holder will hold your beverage to free both hands to push the stroller or will conveniently hold baby’s bottle until needed…  but let’s be honest, this is perfect for pumpkin spice latte season.

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