The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time; it brings with it endless visits of long lost relatives, grandmas, aunties and cousins galore!  You should expect that keeping baby on a schedule is near impossible over the holiday time, so just how do you back track and get your baby back on track?  Follow these few simple tips and you will have baby back to the normal daily routines you once knew before the holiday time.

  1. No matter how late the night before was for you and baby, you need to wake your baby to get them back on track, wake at the usual scheduled time you used to wake your baby prior to the holiday season.
  2. You may need to bring the first scheduled nap a little earlier and allow a little extra sleep time if catch up with sleep is needed. Don’t allow this nap to become to long, else that may prevent settling for the second nap.
  3. Once you settle your baby in their crib, you may be met with cries of protest,  you  would be wise to do as you did when sleep training and allow your baby to fuss, but let them know your nearby.

Once you start your day by waking your baby on the scheduled time… the naps and sleep for the rest of the day will pretty much fall into place.  Your baby may not settle without a little protest, this is to be expected.

Over the holiday season, at a guess, your baby would have been allowed to fall asleep in grandma’s arms, in the car seat, stroller, etc., so yes, protesting should be expected! Stay firm, don’t cave, and all will be well.

Happy Holidays, and may sleep be with you in 2015.