Seriously, as a nanny for 30 + years, I can sympathize.   I too have felt at times like I have done a 12 hour shift by 8.30am, by dressing one child who does not want to get dressed!
When you have a child that flat out refuses to get dressed, it can turn into world war three all too soon. Remember, you are the bigger person, your patience may be thin, but needs to be in check, your blood pressure is now high, you’re red in the face – time to step away and take a 5 min break.
You have two options.

Option (1) Turn this around and make it fun.
For example, go back to your child with your child’s sweater stuck on your head, Ohh it’s stuck, where are you, I can’t see anything, help me!!  They will probably find this pretty funny and forget the earlier outburst and come to your aid. …continue with “how come it does not fit me, does it fit you?” Yes he tries it on!
It’s not always easy, more often than not you can diffuse the situation if you’re just willing to step down and not hold out for power over the situation.

All too often, parents feel if they back off they have lost the fight, that is not so!

A little negotiating goes a long way, you got the sweater on If it was done by making fun, over a need, or a demand, it is really that bad?

Option (2) The alternative, ok, you don’t want to get dressed? What the heck lets go in PJs!
It’s really very simple, don’t sweat the small stuff – there may be bigger fights coming in!