Natalie postmanSleepy Owl Baby Gift Box
I squealed with delight (yes, really) when I was given this product to review. I love trying out natural baby products and have a decent amount of children (5 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and baby due in February) on which to test products. ☺

The suitcase box the products came in is quite cute and sturdy (my daughter wants it to use with her dolls) and the products were nestled nicely inside. I was impressed with the size of the products and also that I could see the products through the packaging. I like to be able to see what I am buying in the store without having to open the product first.
I’ll describe my thoughts about each product individually.

Blue Chamomile 3 in 1 Soothing Bath, Body, Hair
This hair and body was lovely to use in the bath. It lathered generously and silkily in my daughter’s hair (who is prone to tangles) and also on a bath pouf when I used it to clean my boys’ bodies. Another night, I also used it in place of bubble bath and the bathroom smelled subtly of lavender/citrus, similar to other products I use. This product didn’t dry out my children’s skin, which is a plus in the winter months. I would definitely purchase this if the price was agreeable.

Boo Boo Stick
I applied the stick to a fresh scab my son had on his neck, as well as to a scratch on my daughter’s chest. The oil rolled on easily and I was relieved to see that it wasn’t thick and viscous (i.e. stain their clothing), but light and scented with lavender. I used this product for several days, while the scratches/scab healed. I am not sure exactly how much the oil hastened the healing process, but it kept the areas moisturized and bacteria-free, which I am sure helped. I will definitely be using this on bruises and bites, in the near future.

Baby’s Blue Oil
I rubbed this oil under my daughter’s lips one night after I discovered her lips and chin were dry and irritated from the cold. It must have soothed her skin, as she asked for it several times the next day, but not after the irritation cleared up. I appreciated the soothing aspect of the product, but I did not like the scent (perhaps the blue chamomile).

Baby’s Soothing Lotion
This is another lovely product I enjoyed using on my children, as well as myself! The lotion absorbed quickly and smelled pleasingly of lavender. My son wanted to apply it on his own tummy; he liked it that much. I would probably buy this myself if it came in a citrus scent.

Soothing Bottom Balm
This is the product I tested the least on my children, simply because I only have one child in diapers and he rarely has an irritated bum. The balm was nice and creamy when squeezed directly out of the bottle, but once I applied it on my son’s bum, it seemed to be more waxy, more of a lotion barrier than a moisturizing/absorbable balm. I do appreciate the use of calming calendula (my regular bum lotion contains this as well), but I just did not like how it sat on the skin.