sharleneSQWhen a delivery van pulled up and dropped off a lovely gift bag full of goodies for my first product review for Nanny Robina, I didn’t know what to expect.

The gift box has all the things baby needs from the Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care blue chamomile line: Baby’s Soothing 3 in 1 wash (500 mL), Baby’s Soothing Lotion (250 mL), Baby’s Blue Oil (30 mL), Bottom Balm (15o g), and Boo Boo Stick (15 mL). You can even put the recipient’s name on the back of the box!

As the saying goes, timing is everything. My son needed a change and a bath so I tried out the Baby’s Soothing 3 in 1 wash. Immediately he calmed down as I lathered him up with the fresh herbal-scented liquid. Its honey-like consistency squeezes easily from the bottle onto your washcloth or your hand – and a little goes a long way. As I rinsed his hair off, some suds touched his face and he didn’t cry at all! Bath time win!

Once dry, he used the rest of the Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care products. I gave a nice baby massage with Baby’s Blue Oil over his tummy as he does experience some colic. The bottle pump gives you just enough oil without spilling, or you can apply directly onto baby’s skin in tiny drops. Then I used the creamy Baby’s Soothing Lotion for the rest of his body to ward off the dry winter air. Before putting on his diaper, I applied a little of the Bottom Balm to protect his delicate skin. The light fresh smelling balm squeezed easily from the bottle and is not too sticky like other diaper creams – it practically vanished in my fingers. After dressing him up again, he was back to his happy self!

A scratch with sharp baby nails was the time to try out the Boo Boo Stick. It’s a small liquid roll-on stick with the same fresh herbal scent as the other Sleepy Owl products. He didn’t cry when it was applied to his skin and after two days the boo boo was gone!

I absolutely approve the Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care Gift Box – it has all the essentials that baby needs in one convenient kit. As a busy mom of a 2 month old (and four more kids aged 14, 13, 6 and 4) this is definitely one gift any new mother or seasoned mom like me would love to receive for their baby shower. It’s the perfect-sized gift box that I’m sure can be reused once the contents are finished!