images3381BHAMAhhh, goodbye to my dearest and bestest friend the soother, pacifier, num num. Yes, this little helpful tool has been given numerous names over time. Let’s face it mamas, at times it has been your best friend and tool, also!

From my experience, more often than not it is the mamas that turn to the pacifier as a soothing tool just as much as the baby! I tend to call it the “plug.” It is the plug to a peaceful cup of tea, a night’s sleep, and the end to a whining child! Plug it in and all is well and all is quiet.

The pacifier can be your best friend and your worst enemy, but with incorporating the right guidelines it really can become a soothing tool that is easy to take away.  The pacifier in the early days was introduced to allow your baby to sooth; however, what you should not be doing is allowing your baby to fall sleep again and again with the soother in their mouth.

Just as they are about to fall asleep, gently slip it out of their mouth then just take your finger and flicker the bottom lip as you take it out… roll the lip in a down motion slowly and softly. Start off like this, and no need for a war of the pacifier later!

soother.jpg 2015


However, for those of you that now have a toddler that needs to say goodbye to the soother, here are some tips for a smoother transition with saying goodbye:


  1. Search and take away some favorable toys, then wrap then up and put them away.
  2. Now have the chat in terms your toddler will understand.
  3. If your toddler is really attached to the soother, take time to introduce something else to take its place, such as a blanket, a new teddy – something else as a soothing tool.
  4. Take away the pacifier, preferably, at a busy time, vacation ideally! Plan to keep busy that day with a play date – a trip to the mall – make sure they are also super tired!
  5. Once you take the pacifier away, yes you will be met with some whining, and now out come the prior wrapped toys from # 1. Once you bring out the toys she has not seem for a while, it will buy you a few minutes of distraction, and distraction is needed in abundance!
  6. On average it will take approximately 48 hours of constant whining for the much missed and dear lost friend, the pacifier.
  7. Now you, mama, may feel like giving in from all the tears of protest, so make sure once you commit to saying goodbye, you do just that, and get the pacifier out of the house.