Creator Natacha Rey’s passion for ingredients by nature began when she was 10 years old, creating soap gifts from products found on her family’s organic farm in Ontario. Since then, Sleepy Owl. Baby Care Products was born when she relied on natural products to get through all mommy issues, from stretch marks to diaper rashes, when her baby girl was born in 2010. The Secret ingredient used throughout the line is Blue Chamomile, an essential oil is a known anti-inflammatory that can safely absorb into the bloodstream effectively easing agitation and promoting a sense of calm.  She has utilized her diverse education and work experience to develop a line of genuinely natural and therapeutic skincare products, and to happily fulfill the shifting trend towards therapeutic bath products.

Better for Baby

Sleepy Owl products are proudly made in Canada, and use organic essential oils whenever possible. “Nature offers miraculous ingredients that have the power to heal body, skin and soul.”


Karen Johnson

Sleepy Owl Review by Karen Johnson

The gift box is perfect! A wonderful presentation. BOO BOO STICK I ended up trying the Boo Boo Stick on my 4 year old. The source of the boo boo was a paper cut. Initially, he thought the Boo Boo Stick stung. But when I applied it to my cut ...
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Sleepy Owl Review by Sharlene Henry

When a delivery van pulled up and dropped off a lovely gift bag full of goodies for my first product review for Nanny Robina, I didn’t know what to expect. The gift box has all the things baby needs from the Sleepy Owl Pure Baby Care blue chamomile line: Baby’s ...
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Sleepy Owl Review by Madeleine Alaouze

As a mom of two little girls I am very conscience of the products I use on them. I like to actually know and pronounce the ingredients of what I am lathering them in during bath time. When I received the Sleepy Owl products I was happy to see just ...
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Sleepy Owl Review by Natalie Postman

Sleepy Owl Baby Gift Box I squealed with delight (yes, really) when I was given this product to review. I love trying out natural baby products and have a decent amount of children (5 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and baby due in February) on which to ...
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