image copyAs a first time mom, it was very difficult for me to treat my daughters eczema with cortisone cream. Every time I would apply the medication, I would apply it fearing the side effects and always hoped to find a solution that would be gentler on her body and skin.

I was told about the Skinfix gentle lotion at the perfect time, just before travelling to Florida; a warmer climate that tends to cause flare ups for my daughter. I was very happy and pleased to see that the Skinfix lotion moisturized my daughters skin and kept it soft and supple throughout out the day. Applying the lotion was a breeze, the pump dispenser was so quick and easy to use – unlike other squeeze bottles I’ve used in the past. The lotion came out of the dispenser smoothly without getting clogged and I was able to get every bit of the product out. A big bonus was the natural ingredient list. This made me feel a lot more confident on what I was putting on my daughters sensitive skin. It was such a relief for me to be able to treat flare ups with a natural product instead of harsh medication.

The rich formula is perfect for severely dry skin, and a little goes a long way, the bottle lasted me almost two months of applying it every morning and evening.

Thank you Skinfix for creating a solution to treat even the most delicate of skin types.