When it comes to feeding babies – I’m all for personal choice. After five kids, I’ve run the feeding gamut – breast-fed, bottle-fed, jarred-food, homemade, organic, non-organic – you name it, my kids have done it all, sometimes all at once! I’ve always felt it’s natural to breastfeed my babies – it was (and still is) my personal preference. What doesn’t come naturally to me though is nursing in public – simply because I’m just a shy person by nature and never felt comfortable doing it except in front of my immediate family.

This time around, aside from visits to the pediatrician, I haven’t had much opportunity to take my little guy out as he’s only three months and it’s the dead of winter. I went out for dinner last week, and found an outfit that complemented the scarf, but as it was far away and late at night I didn’t want to take baby out in the cold. I wore the scarf and left baby at home and I received lots of complements on my outfit so I decided to model it again for the readers for the purposes of this review.

To be honest when I first got the Pashmama® by Jolly® Jumper, I thought that the colour chosen for me was too light a shade of pink for my complexion, and not something that I would have picked for myself, but I was wrong. It matched dress that I happened to go out in perfectly. It also comes with a snazzy tortoise-shell bracelet that helps you remember which side you nursed on too! The material is super soft and warm, which was great as the dress is really a summer dress with a cowl neck and no sleeves. I’m a sucker for embroidery and the cute Pashmama® name is stitched subtly right at the front. I love the fringes and the drapiness of the scarf – Note: you just have to be careful not to snag it on anything or else you’ll risk a run in the material! The Pashmama® transformed my look from plain mama to hot mama in an instant!


When my son was hungry, I kept the same outfit on to see if it would work in a “real life” feeding situation. The scarf is great – I was able to nurse my son, you couldn’t see anything at all underneath and I stayed covered up, even with him squirming underneath. My son liked the colour and the feel of the scarf as seen in the picture below. I like the Pashmama® by Jolly® Jumper. It’s not just a play on words, it’s like a pashmina with slit so it can’t slide off my neck and expose me while I nurse, which makes the experience not only comfortable, but fashionable as well!