My one-year-old daughter has developed eczema over the winter months and when I told a mommy friend about it, she suggested Skinfix. When I heard I would be receiving the Gentle Lotion I was definitely excited about trying this new product!

The first thing I noticed was the bottle had a pump! I think a lot of fellow moms can agree a pump comes in handy when you’re wrestling an active baby during the bedtime routine.  The lotion isn’t overly thick and application is smooth and silky to touch. 2-3 pumps is all I need to cover her whole body. I even use it on my 3 year old who has been showing signs of dryness over the last couple months. I especially love that the line is all natural and fragrance free. I’m not a fan of steroid creams especially on my babies. One of the key ingredients is Coconut oil, which I use as a moisturizer, along with tons of other great stuff in it- Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Glycerin.

I like that the label says, “for dry, eczema prone babies,” so I’m not second-guessing myself when I purchase it. The choices in the aisle’s these days can be so confusing, especially for the busy mom. They actually have several different products in their line and are not limited to baby products. They have a hand repair cream and Cleansing Oil Wash I plan on purchasing for myself! The price is a bit steep but the bottle is a generous size, which can make up for it.

Using the Gentle Lotion over the last couple weeks I have noticed a difference in her skin. She still has some dryness but the severity has gone down quite a bit in a short amount of time. This is a product I would tell my mommy friends about and even include as a gift at an upcoming baby shower.