sharleneSQLet’s face it – by the time you hit baby #2, 3, 4 or in my case #5 – the world of baby skin care can change in the blink of an eye. The first time I ever heard of skinfix® was at The Baby Show back in September 2014. One of the goody bags I grabbed had a small sample of skinfix® Diaper Rash Balm™ in it. Boy was I grateful to my daughter who packed it in my hospital bag – I went into labour a week early and didn’t have any diaper cream at all! Compared to what I used for my firstborn child – that stuff is amazing. So I was totally excited to try another product from the skinfix® line – their Gentle Lotion™ for dry, eczema-prone babies.

One trait I wish my older kids didn’t inherit from me is my super dry skin. They are no strangers to rashes, itchiness, flaking and cracking skin – and my baby was no exception. skinfix® Gentle Lotion™ for dry, eczema-prone babies is a product that I had no reservations about trying at all. Even though baby skin is really soft, it can get super dry – super quick especially in winter. The fact that it’s made with natural ingredients, is free of steroids, nuts, parabens, phthalates, soy and added fragrance is a reassuring to any parent caring for newborn skin.

I love skinfix® Gentle Lotion™ because it made my son’s skin feel even softer and smoother than before I put it on him! Not only did his skin feel different to the touch – it looked different. It felt satiny-smooth and had a bit of a sheen to it that lasted throughout the day. He also had a bit of cradle cap going on right over his soft spot, and I wondered if it would work there too. When I put the skinfix® Gentle Lotion™ on his dry scalp, the dead skin began to lift off right away. I kept applying it after washing his hair until eventually the dry scalp was gone. It literally “fixed” his dry skin, just like the bottle label said it would do, not to mention making my own skin super soft in the process!