For dry, eczema-prone babies. Baby skin can be so finicky that even standard baby products aren’t gentle enough. Skinfix introduces Gentle Lotion™, specifically formulated for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone baby skin. Free of fragrance.

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Skinfix Review by Madeleine Alaouze

My one-year-old daughter has developed eczema over the winter months and when I told a mommy friend about it, she suggested Skinfix. When I heard I would be receiving the Gentle Lotion I was definitely excited about trying this new product! The first thing I noticed was the bottle had ...
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Skinfix Review by Sharlene Henry

Let’s face it – by the time you hit baby #2, 3, 4 or in my case #5 – the world of baby skin care can change in the blink of an eye. The first time I ever heard of skinfix® was at The Baby Show back in September 2014 ...
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Skinfix Review by Kim Lambie

As a first time Mum I am always looking for the best products to use on my daughter. I take great care to ensure I know exactly what I am putting on her delicate skin. The arrival of the skinfix gentle baby lotion couldn’t have come at a better time ...
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Skinfix Review by Sameera Rustam

As a first time mom, it was very difficult for me to treat my daughters eczema with cortisone cream. Every time I would apply the medication, I would apply it fearing the side effects and always hoped to find a solution that would be gentler on her body and skin ...
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