When I received the First Star Vitamins the first thing I did was read the label. I was surprised to see the recommended age started at 2 years old. The vitamins are hard and chewable and I know a lot of 2 year olds that likely would not be able to take these. My 3 year old actually is not a fan of hard candy so she would be the best tester of the vitamins. I did try one myself and it brought me back to the days where my Mom would give me my daily vitamins. I was about 4 when I started those, which I think is probably a better age to start the hard chewable vitamins.

I gave a box to my neighbor to test with her two boys aged 2 and 5. Her 2 year old did not eat it but her older boy loves them and was excited for the collectable.  The flavors, orange, grape, raspberry and bubble gum would sound delicious to any kid and they are all shaped as hockey figures which is appealing to any junior hockey fan. Each vitamin comes with a collectable puck picture of a player, and can be a great incentive to take their vitamin. I went onto their website,, and there is actually a matching game your child can play, as well as view all the players they can collect. These vitamins are exclusive to Walmart Pharmacy so they can only be found there. The price point is on par with these vitamins and others as well so that is a plus when considering them.

In my opinion, the packaging and vitamins are geared more towards boys then girls. I am a mom of two little girls and although my 3 year old enjoys watching her daddy play hockey she likely would not be swayed to take them even if she got a collectable with them. This is not a product I would personally purchase for my children but I do know of a few hockey enthusiasts who would likely choose this vitamin for their older children.