sharleneSQRemember back in the day when you played that game where you flick the hockey card against a wall with your friends and then you got to keep them if yours went farthest? I do – those were the humble beginnings of my hockey card collection. I also remember the days my mom would call me in the kitchen for the dreaded spoon of cod liver oil as well. I was a picky eater, and she wanted to make sure I got my nutrition one way or another. Well, thank goodness those times have changed, and there’s an option for kids to get their vitamins and minerals and get their all-star hockey collectable at the same time, in 1st Star Multivitamins with Minerals.

The chewable tablets come in three flavours: grape, orange, and raspberry and are in the form of a goalie, a skate and a hockey player. For kids aged 2 to 16, these vitamins were a hit with my 15, 13, 7 and 4 year old kids who – yes – are picky eaters. Daughter (15) is in a constant morning rush, but doesn’t always get to eat breakfast, daughter (13) eats cereal morning, noon and night and doesn’t like certain meats but is willing to eat salads, son (7) eats meat and doesn’t like veggies, daughter (4) eats veggies, doesn’t like certain meats. What’s a mom to do?? I asked them to try each flavour and their responses were as follows:

Daughter, 15: “It’s yummy, a bit gritty and crunchy, tastes like candy but better. I don’t like grape. I’m a citrus person, so I like orange. I thought the shapes were unique and I noticed them right away.”

Daughter, 13: “Recognized Alex Ovechkin on the box, prefers the orange flavour better than raspberry and grape. Liked the shapes.”

Son, 7: “Likes the hockey players, tastes a bit sour at first then sweet.”

Daughter, 4: “Likes the skates, orange was sweet but a bit hard to chew. Likes the pink and purple better.”

Each bottle comes with 60 tablets, so this can last about two weeks with my large family. They also get a cool NHLPA all-star hockey collectable as a bonus to start their own collections. Considering they don’t always eat their meat and veggies, I would definitely use this to supplement their diet. Score one for mom!