Tony Tester

As a father of four children, Max 4, Lucy 10, Ben, 13, and Jaydean, 15, it is not  easy to keep on top of a nutritional diet for the kids, getting kids to eat healthy has always been a struggle for my wife and I once our kids turned about 6 years old.  We can control what our children eat in our own home; however the truth of the matter is the older kids Ben and Jaydean tend to eat outside the home more often than not these days. I am pretty sure like many kids of their age, healthy eating is just not on their agenda.
We always gave the kids vitamins, and I really can’t remember at what age they stopped taking them, but they stopped.

When Nanny Robina asked us to test out the vitamins I told her not a cats chance in hell, will the older kids take vitamins.

There is something about the vitamins being too baby like for the older kids these days, little jelly candies and the overall image is for very young children.
So imagine my surprise when I came down to breakfast  and found my older two kids Ben and Jaydean eating a bowl of sugar filled cereal, vitamin box in hand being examined, read and scrutinized.
The whole colorful package and sport look caught their attention, and the collectable puck stirred their interest even more.
Sheer shock when I was asked “dad can I open these and try them” I can tell you it was hard to contain my excitement, however I stayed cool.

15 days in- 4 kids later and 60 vitamins gone, yes they are a winner in our household, my kids love them and our collection of pucks has started.
Thanks Nanny Robina, who would have thought we could get my big kids taking vitamins once again.