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Laurita Gorman is a registered social worker, mind-body therapist, and yoga educator. She helps people transform their lives from places of pain and suffering, to journeys of growth, healing, and valued-living!
For much of her life, she has been curious and intrigued by the human condition and the inherent resiliency of the human spirit through pain and difficult life transitions. With compassion and empathy, and through a unique blend of clinical social work and alternative therapies, she can help support you in healing from trauma, mental health issues, relationship challenges, and difficult life transitions using a holistic approach to healing and well-being.

Laurita is passionate about supporting people through their journey and feel honoured and humbled to bare witness to their story, acknowledging the amount of strength and courage it takes to share such intimate and private details of their life.

Her commitment to you is to help you get to a place where the pain you are experiencing is no longer controlling your life or your happiness.

Laurita’s goal is to help you discover what matters most to you and support you in taking action steps toward a life rooted in those values so that you can create the life you want, now!