It has been a long winter! I am sure now that March break is here, you just can’t wait to get the kids outside! Here are some ideas that are little to no cost and are inside and outside fun!

  1. Create a fun in-door camp.  Yes, a great way to have fun on a sleepover.  No tent required – have them build a fort to sleep under.  A bowel of popcorn, flash lights and a homemade fort  are super fun and easy.
  2. Cook out.  Let the kids lose in the kitchen with minimal supervision when no hot appliance is needed. Bowels, flour, fruits, cereal – see what concoction that can come up with.
  3. Get the music blaring and create your very own dance club.  Drape some sheets over the windows, pick up some balloons and décor items at the dollar store, and make-believe!
  4. Get a big box and create your own play house, big enough for a toddler to sit in. A few dolls, a bowel of cheerios and you will have them there for hours! Cut out windows, glue up curtains, and draw flowers on the outside. You’re all set.
  5. Make holes in the snow, and number each one. Have the kids throw balls into them.  The more difficult the hole, the higher the number. Who ever get the highest score wins.