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Making room for baby and getting (and staying) organized when you’re a new parent can be straightforward if you start planning early, before he or she makes their debut. Creating solutions that allow for maximum efficiency and easy accessibility saves you time and energy. Your brain is probably not working to its optimum capacity due to sleep deprivation so you also need to keep your routines simple and maintainable.

Work smarter not harder. A baby needs to be changed as many as 12 times per day so dashing to the nursery every time your wee one needs to have their bum changed simply isn’t practical. Setting up diaper stations throughout your home – in the living room, family room and basement (if you have one) –gives you immediate access to changing supplies when you need them. And a couch or chair protected by a change pad easily doubles as a change table.

Keep the essentials out of sight. Your home can quickly evolve into a giant nursery if you’re not mindful about putting baby’s items where they belong. As you can see from the lengthy list of everyday must-­‐haves below, storage is indispensible to keeping everything organized and sanitary where baby is concerned.


Ottomans with safety hinges are a great multi-­‐purpose and discrete option: you can easily lift the lid with one hand while tending to baby. And afterwards keep supplies neatly tucked away inside away from older toddler’s curious hands and eyes. Check out my Pinterest board­‐changing-­‐storage-­‐ideas-­‐for-­‐family-­‐rooms/ for inspiration.

Eliminate diaper pail odours. You probably spend most of your time in their living room or family room hanging out and entertaining guests so I don’t need to remind you that a stinky diaper pail smell in that space can certainly be off-­‐putting. To keep foul odours at bay, invest in a Diaper Genie-­‐style container. If  you prefer to use a basic pail, pour baking soda into to it to absorb the smell and change the bag frequently. And hide it in an inconspicuous spot as far away from people as possible.

Invest in storage that works for your space and style. Small apartments or houses demand different storage solutions. There are boxes and ottomans available on the market that fit in any room, are lightweight, fold completely flat when they’re not being used and still offer loads of storage space.

Put drawers and baskets to good use. You should utilize every inch of storage space available in your place. That’s where bench and cupboard drawers and baskets come in handy. They’re a tidy way to hide everything from socks and baby wipes to toys and books.




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