2015 sootherParents often dread the day they need to take the pacifier away; it is really not as hard as your anticipating.Is it traumatizing? Well that depends on each individual baby, and if your baby has had a pacifier 24/7 over a long period of time, possibly become dependent on it for sleep, well yes it won’t be easy, but it won’t be as traumatizing for your toddler as is it for you!
If your baby has been allowed to sleep time, and time again with a pacifier in their mouth, you should expect some sleep disruption, however, nothing that can’t be overcome with a little love and patience.

  • Rule number (1) Try to always slip the pacifier out of the baby’s mouth just as they are about to fall asleep.
  • Rule number (2) Look for other ways to comfort your baby other than popping in the pacifier, as now it has become a plug!
  • Rule number (3) Do not use it all day, every day, with every call or fuss from your baby!
    Keep it to limited use in the early days, and taking it away later will be a breeze!
    “OK that maybe a little white lie” but it will easier 🙂
  • Rule number (4) Try to keep the pacifier for nap time, and bedtime only.

If your baby grew to a toddler, and has had a pacifier for the entire time then he has probably become very attached to it.

It would be very smart to replace that attachment to another item such as a special teddy, or blankie, push something in his direction that will become special and attaching, prior to taking it away.

Now find a happy time of day to have “the chat” Yes you must make your child understand that it is time to take it away prior to taking it away.How you chose to do this is your choice. Is there a baby down the street who needs it more? The pacifier fairy is going to switch it, it’s your call on the story you use.

  • Step (1) Take away some favorable toys two weeks prior. Wrap them up.
    Re- introduces them when distraction is needed.
  • Step (2) Search and destroy any pacifiers around. YOU may cave in!
  • Step (3) You know when your child is going to expect that little plug in he has come to love so much. Be ready. Keep him busy and plan ahead for two days of activities that will have you both go go go!
    A tired child is easier to sleep and he may not miss it as much.
  • Step (4) Give yourself a tap on the back, another hurdle over, and only 16 years to go before he leaves home!