IMG_20150317_152428I received the Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier a few weeks ago and set it up in my 10 month old sons room that same day. To be honest I was skeptical but certainly intrigued to see what kind of difference a small air purification system could make.

A little bit of background on our family. We live in a newer home in a subdivision that is currently still under construction.  Our house seems to collect dust and dirt faster than I can clean it.  My husband and I are both non smokers but love to cook with spice which can be quite scented at times. Our large dog that goes for several walks a day always brings in lots of dirt with him.  He has shaggy fur and our streets are lined with dirt from the winter months that sticks to him like glue.  Without doubt our home is always under attack by dust and dirt.

Some notes about Fellowes air purifier itself. The Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier is small and esthetically non intrusive. It does not take up much space and can be easily integrated into any room. I was concerned about the noise level of The Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier but it is a nice neutral hum. The Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier gets louder when it detects contaminants in the air whether they be odor or dust. Even during those short lived high speed times The Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier is not intrusive with respect to sound. Our son often sleeps with a sound machine and the gentle hum of the Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier has certainly integrated quite comfortably into our routine.

We have been using it daily since we received it and have certainly noticed a difference in the air quality of my sons room which is of course a subjective observation. We try our best to keep the door to his room closed when The Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier is on to help contain the filtered air.  This has helped us realize just how different the air inside his room is than the rest of our home. The instant you open his door you can smell the difference, absolutely without question his room smells clean and fresh. Anyone who has visited our home in the last few weeks has also noticed a difference.

My only wish before writing this review would have been to see what kind of difference the Fellowes Areamax Purifier makes during spring allergy season. I live in Sudbury Ontario and spring has been very slow coming this year. The last of the snow is finally melting. With the exception of last spring when I was pregnant I have always had to medicate myself with OTC medications for severe seasonal allergy symptoms. I am concerned my son will also be affected and am anxious to see what kind of difference the Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier will make in our air quality. I hope the spring weather comes to us in the next month so I can test the hypothesis that the quality of air in my sons room will in fact make a positive impact.

Overall I think The Fellowes AreaMax Air Purifier is a sound investment if you have any concerns about air quality.