maddieLearning I was going to receive the Fellowes AeraMax Air Purifier had me excited! I’ve never owned an air purifier or known it could be a necessity. After having it for nearly two months I can say my family and I most definitely feel and notice the difference in our house.

The first thing I noticed was the sleekness of the design. It wasn’t bulky or heavy, and it fit perfectly in the space I had planned for it. I do not have an overly large house and with two small kids I have an abundance of toys strewn all over the place, so not having it take up a lot of space was important.

The AeraMax also comes assembled. Perfect! All I had to do was take it out of the packaging and plug it in. I think I can speak for all moms when I say anything that comes pre-assembled and ready to work is plus in our books!

I was a bit intimidated when I first plugged it in. There were several different buttons and options. I read the instructions, only one page, and realized not only was this going to be user friendly, it’s going to be efficient.

Some of my favourite features are:
– The AeraSmart Sensor which monitors the quality of your air and will automatically adjust the fan speed. Did you see the word, automatically? Bonus! It also uses a colour system and will indicate the air quality using blue, amber or red.
– The Fan Speed Indicator which displays the fan setting right on the screen.
– The automatic setting which will program the purifier to the correct settings for your space.
– The Aera+ Mode which helps increase the air turnover rate and removes more allergens from the air, which is great for when its high allergy season.
– AeraMax will also indicate when a filter needs to be replaced.

This Air Purifier takes all the guessing out of the how-to’s of it. All I really had to do was plug it in and press Auto and I haven’t had to adjust or change anything on it since.

I know my Fellowes AeraMax is working because not only have my allergy symptoms significantly diminished, but guests are constantly telling me how ‘Fresh’ my house feels! I always point out my purifier and they are immediately impressed with its design. My house plants also seem to be thriving which I can only relate to the air quality being better. We keep our windows and doors open in the Spring and Summer and living in a newer, still developing neighbourhood allergens and pollutants like construction dust can get inside. Knowing the air quality in our house is improved, maintained and purified by the Fellowes AeraMax makes me feel better and more at ease, especially if it benefits my family! I most definitely approve this product!