Danial KhAs someone who has suffered from many allergies, along with seasonal allergies since arriving in Canada somewhat 20 years ago, I am always searching for products that can help my symptoms.

My review has just caught the beginning of the allergy season and I already see an improvement in our home with the AreaMax air purifier. Spring is a seasons I love, but it just doesn’t love me back.
Watery eyes and nose, a dry throat that is what I get on a daily basis since moving to Canada once Spring kicks in.

There are many features with this product that I really like and appreciate, beside the overall sharp look, I love the silence of it.
As a father of 3 boys, occasional silence is something I rarely get! The silence of the AeraMax was noticed immediately, so much so I questioned if it was working, checked on it constantly to make sure it was.
The AeraMax air Purifier is super easy to use, all I did was plug it in press the Auto button and it has worked its magic ever since.
First thing I noticed was how fresh and clear the air in my house started to feel, I am Persian and we use a lot of spices in our cuisine, we also eat a lot of fish.
I will be the first to admit before using the AreaMax air purifier my home had somewhat of an unwelcoming smell more often than not, from cooking. Such smells require a constant open window, with my allergies that is just not always possible.
The cooking smell is no longer an issue I noticed within 2-3 days that the air was much cleaner, and by much fresher.

As for the allergens that creep into our home and have made my life a misery for so long, well they are also slowly but surely improving. Sure I still get the odd sneeze, but I have seen a huge improvement.
My wife also informed me I had also stopped snoring, however that is still out for discussion as I have always said and still claim that I don’t snore (:

I give this product 100% approval