Step 1

An appropriate age to start potty training is often put ouimagesUB3EFKU8t by experts as around 18 months to 2 years; well this expert is here to say it’s not about age rather by sign. I have potty trained many toddlers and each is different as you all know.
The signs to look for are below; if you have all of these you are ready. Do not think if you see one of these signs your child is ready, you should be see all of them.

  • Your child has a slight damp diaper after a nap or between 3 hour intervals…(this would indicate that he has some bladder control.)
  • He not only know when he is having a poop, but also has a need for privacy when he does go poop.
  • He can understand and follow simple instructions.
  • He is eager to participate; if he shows no interest, then potty training could be a long battle with poor results.
  • He can undress and dress with very little help; he will need to take up and down his own pants.

Tools needed: 2 potties, try to buy both the same, as you know for sure he will want the one red upstairs and not the blue one that’s down stairs, or buy two toilet inserts. Have many pairs of underwear on hand one size too big, they will be washed often, and a pale of water near by…

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