Stage 2

pick up toysPotty training days seem to have become one the most difficult challenges for parents today. Gone are the days of simply sitting on a potty and waiting, the little people seems to have become wise on how to use potty training to their benefit!

Potty challenges stem from control issues, passing a bowel movement, to developing a fear of the toilet. Analyzing the situation and making the right call is no easy task.

Each child is different and has their own preferred way of potty training, this is not something you can do when YOU’RE ready and it really is a matter of waiting for your little person to be ready. Your little person has full control with potty training and if not handled correctly your potty days will be long, and can have terrible consequences.

If your child is holding their bowels, can only do a bowel movement in a pull up/diaper, struggles to do it on the potty or toilet, rest assured your situation is not unique. Patience and understanding from you should be at its best!

Learn to read the signs, if your little person is becoming stressed and anxious you may need to abandon potty training and wait a few weeks to try again. First step when potty training is to make sure they can follow direction.

Start with a few simple tasks such as:
Pick up your toys
Go and put your cup in the sink
Let’s get dressed

Once one is following directions from you with little to zero assistance you can then begin Potty Training.

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