IMG_20150317_152428Bio Oil Review
I was very excited to try the bio oil when I received it. I had heard great things about the multitude of uses but was not convinced one product could be used to treat so many things. My main uses have been on my abdomen to help diminish some minor stretch marks I have from my pregnancy. I have also been using it nightly on my face to help even my skin tone.  I would not recommend using it during the day on your face if you have any form of oily skin  (I certainly do).  As this product is an oil even when you use a few drops it feels oily and looks a little shiny.  I have already noticed a difference after a few weeks of use in my skin. This past winter was long and dry and I did not make much time to take care of myself especially my skin. I am certainly interested in incorporating bio oil into my long term skin care regimen. On my 10 month old son I have used a small drop on a few small scrapes he has on his legs. He has just started to walk and I find him bumping into and stumbling over everything. I have found it very helpful and will continue to use it on small baby scrapes and scratches.My only complaint is that I wish there was more in the sample. I will be purchasing some soon, but thankfully a little goes a long way.